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Discovering the treasures of the Riviera Maya!

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Whereas you are an experienced or a begginer diver, we can take you diving to the greatest spots of the Riviera Maya so you can discover the underwater treasures of the Riviera Maya!

Whether you just want to dive in the beautiful reef full with color and life, have a unique in the world experience of diving in a crystal clear cenote with stunning rock formations and light effects or be surprised like Jacques Cousteau was when diving in Cozumel, we can make it happen for you!

And the best of all, we are conveniently located inside the hotel you are staying at and our dive sites are no further than a 5 min boat ride from our dive centers! You don't have to be looking around, we are there for a reason!

Book Now and get up to 15% discount!

One tank $63
One tank with equipment $84
Two tanks $114
Two tanks Cenotes (click for info!) $177
Two tanks Cozumel (click for info!) $198
Diving Packages
Coral (6 dives) $308
Reef (8 dives) $369
Ocean (10 dives) $440
Mermaid (12 dives) $504
Neptune (20 dives) $787

*Diving Packages are per person and
cannot be shared.

All Inclusive Packages
Salt & Fresh (click for info!) $378
Mexican Explorer (click for info!) $440
Mexican Greatest (click for info!) $614
Additional Services
Equipment rental in parts per unit $8
Full Equipment Rental $21
Local Dive in DVD $65

Book Now and get up to 15% discount!

If you have any questions or doubts about any of these activities, please do not hesitate to