Discovering the treasures of the Riviera Maya!


Snorkeling is a fun and relaxing way to view the colorful and fascinating world just beneath the ocean's surface.

Snorkeling is great fun! One of the primary activities you must do while being on vacations in the Riviera Maya is snorkeling! With a great number of safe reefs where to do this activity, it is perfect for the whole family! Kids and adults alike!

Snorkelers use a clear plastic mask and a short tube to breathe while floating face-down on the surface of the water. This way you can observe coral and marine life without scaring away the fish with your movements and without having to come up for air every minute. It is really easy and fun! Just floating and being immersed within the underwater scenery is enough to feel in contact with the purity of nature! Forget the hurdles of every day life and go snorkeling today!

The Riviera Maya is a snorkeler's playground! Because we know you want to spend a good time discovering the underwater world in company of your family and friends in a safe way, we offer you these three great tours: