Snorkel in the Bay

You have finally arrived to the Riviera Maya and you can feel the heat so now its time to get wet! The first activity you definitely should do is go snorkeling in the Bay!

Let us guide you through the best spots where we know where to find stunning coral, colorful fish and amazing marine creatures like rays, seahorses, barracudas, lobsters, sea stars and urchins and maybe a turtle or two!

During this tour we will take you swimming at a slow pace so you can admire the reef. Our guides are fully trained not only to find the best of the reef for you but to be safety concious and keep a constant eye on all the participants of this activity. They also carry a safety buoy all the time in case anyone gets tired and are first aid trained.

For guests staying at the Grand Palladium and Grand Sirenis hotels, this activity is done at the "Turtle Bay" where you will not only see a beautiful coral reef with many marine creatures but you will swim with dozens of wild, free swimming turtles, guarnteed!

The duration of this tour is 1.5 hrs.

It costs $53 USD.

It includes a safe and fun activity with all the snorkeling equipment you need.

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Snorkel at the Local Reef:
Price: $ 53 USD p/p.

If you have any questions or doubts about this activity, please do not hesitate to

snorkel pareja 160