Discover Scuba Dive (Resort Course)

Your first dive in your life should be an unforgettable journey into the underwater world!

After a thorough briefing and explanation of how SCUBA equipment works, we will take you to a shallow pool to complete a couple of basic exercises. Once you have completed the pool segment and feel comfortable in the water, then we go for the first dive to a max depth of 12mt /40ft.

This course can be done in the beautiful coral reefs of the Riviera Maya in your hotel or if you want a more incredible experience, we can take you to take your first breath underwater to Cozumel island!

The ultimate experience of a first dive is with DOLPHINS! Please check our Discover Scuba Dive with Dolphins option!

This program covers a brief theoretical session, the skill development in the pool and an open water dive. You must be at least 10 years old and be in good physical condition.

It lasts for 1/2 a day,

Costs $124 USD at your hotel or $219 USD in Cozumel,

It includes all equipment.

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If you have any questions or doubts about this activity, please do not hesitate to snorkel pareja 160