Dolphin Dive


If you have never done any diving, your first time should be an unforgettable one! That is why we have the option for you to do a magical first dive with dolphins!

After a thorough briefing and explanation of how SCUBA equipment works, we will take you to a shallow pool to complete a couple of basic exercises. But try not to forget what you just learned when you see the dolphins around you! You will be astonished!
And if this was not enough, after having a unique encounter with the friendliest fellas of the sea, we go out for a reef dive to a max depth of 12mt /40ft!

This program covers a brief theoretical session, the skill development in the pool, full interaction with dolphins and (if desired) an open water dive. You must be at least 10 years old and be in good physical condition.

It lasts for 1/2 a day,

Costs $170 USD for one tank (dolphin dive), $240 USD for two tanks (dolphin + ocean dive)

Includes all equipment.

Dive with dolphins 1 tank $170 - 15% = $144.50 usd
Dive with dolphins + Ocean dive $240 - 15% = $204 usd
If you have any questions or doubts about this activity, please do not hesitate to snorkel pareja 160